B2C marketing - the easiest way to customers

B2C (business to customer) is a business model which provides the direct sale of products or services to the final customers without mediators. The sale is done through the internet, which includes sales by web stores, social media, specialized web portals, and mobile applications.

If you have a product that you want to place onto the market, you do not have to make deals with retail chains that will sell it in their spaces. With the help of the B2C model, you can sell your product through internet technologies which affect the reduction of costs and promotion of your profit.

How to organize B2C production?

For the realization of the B2C business model, you will need to have a website or an online shop. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and web services or mobile applications are also suitable. For the best performance online, it is best to combine all or a few of these models.

The first step is to have your website or webshop where potential customers can get familiar with your products and services. This is the most crucial part of the B2C model, while the rest are only options that are added if needed.

Some sellers base their business mostly on social media platforms. Even though this way of selling can achieve good results, research has shown that it also comes with a lot of risks. For example, your Facebook or Instagram profile can get banned or hacked.

It oftentimes takes a lot of effort to solve these problems and other times it is completely unachievable, so your business can suffer a lot of damage. Websites and webshops are your base and all other internet channels are only bonuses.

You can offer your products to the final customers through web services that are completely or partially specialized for product or service sales. This sales channel used to be enough for successful interaction with the final customers. However, this model is used only as a support tool nowadays.

For the last couple of years, mobile applications have taken the primacy of online marketing, since most people use their mobile phones as access to the internet. However, mobile applications also need a website as their base where their final customers can inform themselves.

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B2C marketing model selection, budget determination, and targeting

As we have said before, websites and online stores are the basis of B2C marketing. You can advertise them through google ads or social media platforms. Having a business page on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms is an unwritten rule for websites and webshops.

Moreover, if you pay a certain fee you can advertise your website or product on specialized web portals or mobile applications. There are also free applications that you can use for advertisement, as well as free ads, Google maps, and so on.

Before you try your luck in an advertisement you have to first carefully target your audience or potential customers. It is pointless to spend money on internet users that have no interest in your offer.

Targeting is done with the help of special tools with which different parameters are chosen. For example gender, age, interests, place of residence, etc. Target tools are important components of Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Money spent on advertisement depends on many things, one of them being the competition analysis. The budget can be created with the help of data that is also found in Google and Facebook business platforms.

Creating the most efficient B2C marketing model with our help

If it is your first time with B2C marketing, surely all of this seems a bit complicated for you. Even clients with some knowledge in this area sometimes have a hard time keeping up with the changes and news that happen almost daily.

Do not worry. We are here for you. After we have considered all aspects of your business, we will do some research and create the best option for your successful performance online. We can connect you with specialized agents or agencies with expertise in this field that will provide you with the best instruction course for managing the B2C model on your own.

If you want to create a mobile app or website we will connect you with the best programmers and other experts like copywriters (content creators), translators, and designers. Maybe you even already have a website, but it needs a bit of remodeling and redesigning. After a thorough analysis, we will also tackle that task without a problem.

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