Vasilica agency offers services
of consulting, business management,
marketing, and mediation.
We are bringing the world
to Serbia
About us

What can we do for you?

According to the authorization that we get from you, our work includes the use of the latest methods of project management, tools, and resources. We do not believe in big or small projects. We take each and every one very seriously.

Our experts excel in fields of finance, law, marketing, internet or online business. We possess all the necessary skills for making sure that we can successfully carry out the realization of your project.

Why to chooes us?

With us, you get everything you need for the successful performance and presentation of your business idea.

A faster way to potential business partners

Time and money savings

Potential risk reduction

Long-term credibility through partner support

A big number of successfully realized projects

Law team support

Designing and consulting

Respect for set dates and responsibilities

Our services

We possess experience of many years standing, numerous successfully realized projects, activities, and ideas.

Project management

Let us say that you have a good idea, but you do not quite know to realize it. You are having trouble with estimating deadlines, resources, and expenses. You do not know how to organize nor where to start. Do not worry; you are at the right place.

B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is a business model that allows you to connect enterprises, firms, or individuals for achieving long-term business cooperation in favor of both sides.

B2C Marketing

B2C (business to customer) is a business model which provides the direct sale of products or services to the final customers without mediators.

You want to work with us?

We possess experience of many years standing, numerous successfully realized projects, activities, and ideas. Our team is made out of experts from different fields of business, ready to give their best at any moment.


Satisfied clients

Our partners

Years of experience

Vasilica Office

We understand your clients and they understand us

With the support of our team, you can present your project worldwide. Our managers speak the world’s leading languages; French, Spanish, English, as well as Macedonian and other languages from the surrounding countries.

Not only do we know the world’s leading languages, but we also have good contact with numerous firms, clients, and associates from all around the globe. Our credibility is backed up by our long-term cooperation with a big number of foreign clients.

Our business includes:

  • Estimating risks when it comes to realizing an idea
  • Defining projects
  • Shaping, organizing, and team assembling
  • Gathering and control over documents
  • Development, guidance, and organization of projects
  • Planning and management over human resources
  • Correctly making decisions in a business environment

Our activity includes the application of the most modern methods of project management, tools and resources.

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