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The basic service of "Vasilica Office" agency is to intermediate in business between Serbian and foreign companies. After so many years of experience in the field of sales, the owner of the agency "Vasilica Office" wanted that the business intermediation become the main idea for the establishment of the agency. One thing is for sure, no company can survive without sales, and that`s the most important part of the company.





All companies that contact Vasilica Office can be fully assured that they will receive relevant legal advice and logistical support on how to create and develope their own company.


The Vasilica Office agency therefore provided complete support to „D&D Montaža“ D.O.O. company, Belgrade ( during the opening of the company in Serbia and Slovakia, as well as to „Kamen“ D.O.O. company, Ruma.


At the field of intermediation, two large reputable companies have put their trust in Vasilica Office, for the reason to save their own time as well as to reach efficiency and the quality on one side and quantity of their business on the other.


Vasilica Virtus partner

VIRTUS GROUP, GMBH, is the German-Italian company which produces and supplies catering equipment (, has maintained a partnership with Vasilica Office for 4 years and during this period,  Vasilica Office has managed to open the Balkan market through its intermediation and to build a distribution network for VIRTUS GROUP company. Partners of the Vasilica Office agency with whom VIRTUS GROUP company has managed to equip with its products to hotels, restaurants, canteens and etc. are:

  1. In the territory of Serbia: Makglobal D.O.O, Belim Industries D.O.O, AGS D.O.O
  2. In the territory of Montenegro: Sinmon Padella D.O.O, Gastrogroup D.O.O
  3. In the territory of Croatia: Trendi Arh
  4. In the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Artika D.O.O, MASTER-H D.O.O
  5. In the territory of Macedonia: Celes Ugo D.O.O



VAsilica Termomont partner

TERMOMONT D.O.O company from Simanovci is also a partner of the Vasilica Office agency. TERMOMONT D.O.O is a factory that produces solid fuel boilers and pellets boilers ( They have been working together for 4.5 years. The cooperation began when distributors from France and Belgium contacted for assistance Vasilica Office. Since then, the customers of Termomont products are satisfied, and the owner of Termomont is starting a partnership with the agency "Vasilica Office".

Partners and distributors abroad are:

  1. In the territory of France: Sarl La Compagnie des Outils
  2. In the territory of Belgium: Edflam Sprl