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„Vasilica Office“ agency was founded in 2015, and the idea of ​​the owner was to make influence on the export of Serbian companies products, by strengthening and supporting it, as well as to satisfy the needs of Serbian companies by importing goods from foreign markets. The main reason why the companies often loose their good opportunities in business cooperation is language barrier, that is why „Vasilica“ is the right solution for all domestic companies. „Vasilica“ agency can help small and medium-sized enterprises that have reached their maximum in the Serbian market, to allow themselves to export their products to European Union countries and worldwide. Production depends on sales, in both domestic and international markets.

Vasilica Office - Milica ŽivkovićThe owner of  „Vasilica“ agency is Milica Zivkovic, Bachelor with honours in Philology for French language and literature, she started her business career in education as a French teacher. After 7 years working at school, she decided to leave education and turned her interests in the business world. In 2010 she started to work at the company Milan Blagojevic in Smederevo as a sales manager for foreign markets: France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, South America and reached with success partners/distributors from all these markets. The most amazing thing was that the famous appliance called „Smederevac“ began to be exported even to Chile, Uruguay and Brazil. While working with this company she also received a Certificate of INCOTERMS 2010, after formation at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

In 2013 she started to work at the company "Frigo Zika Soko" from Ruma, as a sales manger for foreign markets and as a purshase manager.

In 2015, she opened her own consulting agency in Ruma, which the main activity at the start was business intermediation. She speaks French, English, Spanish and Macedonian. In 2016 she moved to Belgrade where she continued to pursue her career.



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The essence of our business is to make a connection between domestic manufacturing companies and the worldwide companies that need such products. The basic idea of ​​Vasilica is to intermediate between domestic and foreign companies in order to achieve mutual interests.


That is why we provide many services, starting from production planning which is fully in line with the standard of market where products need to be distributed and to fully complete logistics regarding the exportation of products to worldwide markets.


Each service we provide is flexible and well-suited to the specific needs of our clients. We enable them to concentrate on their basic activity in the best business environment.

By entrusting us to take care of their exports activity and sales of their products in worldwide markets, by passing through all language and legal barriers, our clients profit the full benefits of working with us, such as quickly finding and solving problems that appear in business, as well as those caused by the language barrier.




Vasilica Office - because business starts with us...



We offer premium services of excellent quality that must be well-suited to the needs and wishes of our clients. The quality of the services helps and will help the Vasilica team to increase its own partnership network,because the quality of services which Vasilica provide in this case is justified by the quality and respect.


To become a synonym of an agency that sets higher standards in the field of business. It is imperative to become a confident partner, to build trust with your partners and create long-term partnerships.


Vasilica Office Team


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